Short NATO Target

Part Number: USM-65 In response to the growing demand for a plastic NATO target, Us Molders launched the Short NATO Target made from high density polyethylene. Can be cut to fit most major types [...]

Painted 3D Ivans

Part Number: USM-06-A The Painted 3D Ivan adds an extra layer of realism to range and real threat training programs. The hand-painted features are designed to look like a hostile male target such [...]

HHE F-Silhouette

Part Number: USM-04 The HHE F-Silhouette is the most advanced silhouette target for the range available today. Made three times as thick as regular silhouettes, with an improved rib structure, [...]

2-Color HHE E-Silhouette

Part Number: USM-02-A Our 2-ColorHHE E-Silhouette is designed to define a ‘Kill Zone’ in the center of the target. It can take thousands of hits without tearing, and lasts [...]

Man on a Stick E-Silhouette

Part Number: USM-01-04 Our Man on a Stick E-Silhouette is made with a hollow, double-sided construction specially designed to allow easy mounting and target installation, while ensuring the [...]

Double 3D Ivan

Part Number: USM-05-DB The Double E-Type Ivan provides all the benefits of the standard E-Ivan times two. The Double Ivan provides a three-dimensional target visible from two different angles. [...]

3D F-Ivan

Part Number: USM-06 US Molders has introduced an improved Ivan target. The Ivan target is now manufactured with a heavier weight similar to the High Heat Environment (HHE) targets. As a result, [...]

2D Slim Ivan

Part Number: USM-92-SL The 2D Slim Ivan is our standard 2D Ivan with a shorter width on the side. This provides a better target for those ranges experiencing high winds.

2D Ivan

Part Number: USM-92 Constructed of our self-healing high density polyethylene, our new 2D Ivan proves to be a more durable, longer lasting, versatile target. Durable- No drooping or cracking [...]

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