9-Hole Firing Barricade

(TC 25-8 : Rifle/Carbine/AR Barricade)

The 9-Hole Firing Barricade is US Molders’ version of the military’s Stair Step or VTAC Barrier and now meets TC 25-8’s Rifle/Carbine/AR Barricade qualification requirement.

Our 9-Hole Firing Barricades last indefinitely, unlike wood which will rot and degrade in the elements. Additionally, safety concerns such as splinters and failure of the barricade during firing (crumpling because of interior rotting) would be eliminated. Lastly, it would provide a uniform appearance to every position unlike wood.

ISO 9001

US Molders’ processes are ISO 9001 certified. We follow the requirements, specifications, guidelines, and characteristics set forth to ensure that we are consistently producing products, processes, and services that meet world-class standards.

9-Hole Firing Barricade IMPROVED

The 9-Hole Firing Barricade is US Molders’ version of the military’s Stair Step or VTAC Barrier. The Firing Barricade allows ranges more firing options for drills and training.  Easily movable and portable, simply inserting two 4x4s or adding the optional bases allows for more range flexibility.

The barricade is now DOUBLE the thickness but still lightweight enough to be carried and set up by one person.  Made from the same polyethylene material that US Molders’ targets are made from, the Firing Barricade lasts indefinitely  compared to its plywood counterparts.

For meeting your qualification requirements, our Barricade is equivalent to the Rifle/Carbine/AR Barricade found in TC 25-8.

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