10th Edition Catalog

Our New 8' Wall is also available with a Door or Window Cutout

Our New 8' Wall is also available with a Door or Window Cutout

The SAM database identifies businesses registered to do business with federal, state, and local level government. Both military and civilian agencies utilize SAM for a number of sourcing and procurement needs.

To ease the ordering process for our customers, US Molders is registered as a Small Business. This allows government contractors to work directly with us, saving time and resources.

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  • We here at Fort Chaffee Maneuver Training Center (FCMTC) really like the products that we use of US Molders. They stand up to the weather and last out on the ranges. Since we have gone to their HHE Silhouettes we have not had to change Targets as often and in turn has saved us money and time on our technicians side giving them more time to focus on repairs of the ranges and target mechanisms.

    Shawn Bearden Fort Chaffee Maneuver Training Center


9-Hole Firing Barricade

(TC 25-8 : Rifle/Carbine/AR Barricade)

The 9-Hole Firing Barricade is US Molders’ version of the military’s Stair Step or VTAC Barrier and now meets TC 25-8’s Rifle/Carbine/AR Barricade qualification requirement.

Our 9-Hole Firing Barricades last indefinitely, unlike wood which will rot and degrade in the elements. Additionally, safety concerns such as splinters and failure of the barricade during firing (crumpling because of interior rotting) would be eliminated. Lastly, it would provide a uniform appearance to every position unlike wood.

47″ E-Silhouette Target

TC 3-20-40, Chapter 3-30 states that “all targets must be 90-percent visible from the firing position.” This new target is designed specifically for that purpose and demonstrates it with distinct markings on either side of the target.  This design is intended to increase the life expectancy of the already durable E-Silhouettes by reducing droop-age and warping.


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