Part Number: THM029







ESP Thermal Sleeve Target

  • All the benefits of a no power thermal target.
  • Enjoy a bright thermal signature for accurate, precision training.
  • Quick! No more hassle to switch from thermal to non-thermal targets.
  • The ESP Target’s durable elastic slips over your target backer in seconds!
  • In the time it takes you to put your socks on, you are ready to engage your weapon.


  • No power thermal film for a clear accurate thermal signature
  • Saves time! Slips over your target backer in seconds!
  • Elastic backing fits various size and shape target backers
  • No batteries, no electric, no hassle
  • Extend the life of the target with pasters

How ESP Thermal Sleeve works

  • Thermal targets work without power because like all our Thermal films the target will reflect the temperature of the sky -40℉ or -40℃.
  • When viewed with a Thermal sight the target will appear dark or cold.
  • The area around the thermal film will appear warm or white.
  • The contrast allows for precision aiming and training.
  • Learn More: 6 Advantages of Using Thermal Targets
  • Patent #US 7,528,397

Manufactured By: IR.Tools

Sold exclusively by US Molders.

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