We are often asked why should a client pick roto molding and US Molders over other molders.  There are several different reasons.

Tooling costs are much less expensive than injection molds or blow molding.  We can help you take your idea or design from drawing to finished product.  We work with several different mold shops which keeps your tooling costs down.  We also make fabricated tooling in house. Fabricated tooling works if you have a simple design and lowers tooling cost significantly.

Rotational molding machinery is ideal for short runs. US Molders will work with their clients to meet their short runs.  Prototyping for other processes can be done with roto-molding, ensuring the customer that their product is ready for mass production.

Flexibility of materials.   A majority of roto-molders are reluctant to run anything other than polyethylene.   US Molders will not only run polyethylene, we are also very accomplished at running nylon and polypropylene.

Complex designs are often done in rotational molding because this process allows for complicated geometry.  US Molders is willing to run simple two piece molds as well as multiple piece tooling.

And finally service; we at US Molders pride ourselves on customer service.  We welcome our clients to call or visit at anytime.  If there is something that needs further explanation whether it be the process, the delivery or invoicing; we welcome our customer’s feedback.

Please call us at (219) 984-6500, we would be glad to help you.

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